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AMTOI was a result of the vision of its founders who had one sole objective – to promote multimodalism. From operating out of their various Offices, AMTOI finally bought its own Office at Kanakia Zillion, Kurla.

Under the stewardship of its founders and subsequent executive committee members, AMTOI has grown in strength, stature and significance. Today, AMTOI is the only representative body for all MTO’s in the Country.

The main objects of the Association are

  • Carryout the Occupational and Functional Mapping of the Sector/ Sub Sector to assess the Job Roles in demand
  • To study the issues faced by MTOs and seek resolution with appropriate authorities
  • To promote multimodal transport services in Domestic and foreign trade
  • To improve the quality of such services and reduce transaction costs
  • To facilitate Skill Development for Logistics Sector
  • To Promote implementation of Cargo Community System