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Claim Analyst


Target Group

Arts and Science Students


Commerce, Economics, Computers and All Science Groups




Course Name

Certificate in Claims Analyst

Course Fee

Rs. 500

Course Code




Theory Topics

35 Hours

Case Studies and Assignments

10 Hours

Total Duration of the Training

45 Hours

Mode of Learning



1. Objectives: Offer an industry demand aligned practical work-centric knowledge and skill development to the students

· Acquaintance with current industry demands, intensive competency needs

· To understand procedure in inspecting and valuating damaged goods

· Understand the schedule and receive claim forms

· Gather required equipment to perform inspection

· Inspect the quarantined goods

· Fill out forms and forward to insurance companies

2. Tools

· Candidate laptop equipped with MS

3. Competency Components:

· Responsible for receiving claims, assessing the goods concerned to ensure the claim is genuine and estimating the reimbursable amount

· To verify all the documents, send the claims to the insurance companies and provide detailed reports to the management

· The individual must be able to prioritize and execute tasks within scheduled time limits

4. Industrial Visit:

· According to the availability of the industries, visits will be planned and charged separately

5. Learning from leading experts:

· Direct sessions (online) with experts from different industries and OEM

· To understand the application aspects in industry scenarios

6. Case-Studied Based Learning:

· Assignments on different real world industrial case studies will be given

7. Course Outline:

· Introduction to SCM and Warehouse

· Prepare for claims processing

· Inspect goods and validate claims

· Documenting and reporting to management

8. Job Category:

· Executive / Associate / Technician